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Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, and songwriter Jordan Rakei returns in 2021 with his fourth studio album, 'What We Call Life'. The release is Jordan Rakei's most vulnerable and intimate album to date. Its lyrics concern the lessons that the New Zealand-born, Australia-raised, and London-based artist learned about himself during therapy, a journey that began two years ago when he started reading about the 'positive psychology' movement. These themes manifest on songs like lead single 'Family', which Rakei says is 'the most personal' he's ever been with his lyrics. 'I wanted to hit my vulnerability barrier and be really honest. It's about my parents' divorce in my mid-teens but still having love for them no matter what,' he explains.

Track Listing:
1. Family - Jordan Rakei
2. Send My Love - Jordan Rakei
3. Illusion - Jordan Rakei
4. Unguarded - Jordan Rakei
5. Clouds - Jordan Rakei
6. What We Call Life - Jordan Rakei
7. Runaway - Jordan Rakei
8. Wings - Jordan Rakei
9. Brace - Jordan Rakei
10. The Flood - Jordan Rakei

Year of Production: 2021