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13-track album from JP Saxe, featuring the smash hit 'If the World Was Ending' and previously released track 'Line by Line' featuring Maren Morris. JP worked with a number of exciting people on this album including one of his musical heroes John Mayer.

Track Listing:
1. 4:30 in Toronto - JP Saxe
2. Like That - JP Saxe
3. More of You - JP Saxe
4. Here's Hopin' - JP Saxe
5. I Shouldn't Be Here - JP Saxe
6. Dangerous Levels of Introspection - JP Saxe
7. If the World Was Ending (Feat. Julia Michaels) - JP Saxe
8. Tension - JP Saxe
9. What Keeps Me from It - JP Saxe
10. For Emilee - JP Saxe
11. Line By Line (Feat. Maren Morris) - JP Saxe
12. A Little Bit Yours - JP Saxe
13. Sing Myself to Sleep - JP Saxe