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Frontman and songwriter JJ Julius Son has been in the studio off-and-on for two years, allowing for a combination of globe-trotting and meticulous tinkering, resulting in a spectrum of sounds recorded around the world - in North America, South America and across Europe. The final product is refreshingly free of calculation, with Julius Son allowing each tune to dictate its path while simultaneously leaning-in to his blues, folk and rock inclinations.

Track Listing:
1. Brother Run Fast - Kaleo
2. Break My Baby - Kaleo
3. Alter Ego - Kaleo
4. Free the Slave - Kaleo
5. Skinny - Kaleo
6. Hey Gringo - Kaleo
7. The USA Today - Kaleo
8. My Fair Lady - Kaleo
9. I Want More - Kaleo
10. Backbone - Kaleo
11. I Walk On Water - Kaleo
12. Into My Mother's Arms - Kaleo

Year of Production: 2020