Produced by Sam Cohen (who also worked on Morby's 'Singing Saw' and Oh My God)', 'This Is a Photograph' features musical contributions from longtime staples of Morby's live band, as well as old friends and new collaborators alike. If 'Oh My God' saw Morby getting celestial and in constant motion and 'Sundowner' was a study in localized intent, 'This Is a Photograph' finds Morby making an Americana paean, a visceral life and death, blood on the canvas outpouring. As Morby reminds us early on, time is undefeated. So what do we do while we're still here? This is a photograph of that sense of yearning.

Track Listing:
1. This Is a Photograph - Kevin Morby
2. A Random Act of Kindness - Kevin Morby
3. Bittersweet, TN - Kevin Morby
4. Disappearing - Kevin Morby
5. A Coat of Butterflies - Kevin Morby
6. Rock Bottom - Kevin Morby
7. Five Easy Pieces - Kevin Morby
8. Stop Before I Cry - Kevin Morby
9. It's Over - Kevin Morby
10. Goodbye to Good Times - Kevin Morby

Year of Production: 2022