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The whirlwind of heavy, fast, melodic, thrashy, and often meditative bombast, with sparks of hardcore punk, summoned by Killer Be Killed is the formidable and inevitable result of the sum of its parts, whose combined discography warped and shaped the culture. Inventive in spirit and decisive in execution, Killer Be Killed sound borderline esoteric at times and yet remain unrelenting in heaviness and groove. Like its self-titled predecessor, the eleven-song 'Reluctant Hero' was produced and mixed in southern California by Josh Wilbur (Lamb Of God, Megadeth, Gojira). It's an assemblage of aggressive compositions that blends basement-show worthy carnage and massive festival-ready hooks, anchored in smart, dissident sensibilities, and raw authenticity.

Track Listing:
1. Deconstructing Self-destruction - Killer Be Killed 
2. Dream Gone Bad - Killer Be Killed 
3. Left of Center - Killer Be Killed 
4. Inner Calm from Outer Storms - Killer Be Killed 
5. Filthy Vagabond - Killer Be Killed 
6. From a Crowded Wound - Killer Be Killed 
1. The Great Purge - Killer Be Killed 
2. Comfort from Nothing - Killer Be Killed 
3. Animus - Killer Be Killed 
4. Dead Limbs - Killer Be Killed 
5. Reluctant Hero - Killer Be Killed 

Year of Production: 2020