Debut studio album by the American singer-songwriter King Princess, aka Mikaela Straus. The album was written chronologically, with Straus stating that she named the album 'Cheap Queen' after the drag term for a queen that is 'resourceful, making something out of not very much'. She explained that the album's sound came about as she was 'dealing with the most vulnerable year of my life' after the popularity of '1950', as she was under 'complete stress and anxiety, and not knowing what to do with myself or with my body, and then also being in love'.

Track Listing:
1. Touch On Myself - King Princess (3.43)
2. Useless Phrases - King Princess (1.16)
3. Cheap Queen - King Princess (2.41)
4. Ain't Together - King Princess (3.22)
5. Do You Wanna See Me Crying? - King Princess (1.45)
6. Homegirl - King Princess (3.01)
7. Prophet - King Princess (4.09)
8. Isabel's Moment (Feat. Tobias Jesso Jr.) - King Princess (2.13)
9. Trust Nobody - King Princess (3.15)
10. Watching My Phone - King Princess (3)
11. You Destroyed My Heart - King Princess (3.4)
12. Hit the Back - King Princess (3.23)
13. If You Think It's Love - King Princess (3.23)

Year of Production: 2019