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Third studio album by the Irish rock band. It features prominent production collaborations with musicians such as Steve Mac, Stephen Harris, and Jonny Coffer. Five singles were issued from the album: 'Brother', 'Follow Your Fire', 'Shed a Tear', 'Worth It', and 'Head Held High'.

Track Listing:
1. Follow Your Fire - Kodaline
2. Hide and Seek - Kodaline
3. Angel - Kodaline
4. Worth It - Kodaline
5. Shed a Tear - Kodaline
6. Head Held High - Kodaline
7. I Wouldn't Be - Kodaline
8. Don't Come Around - Kodaline
9. Brother - Kodaline
10. Hell Froze Over - Kodaline
11. Temple Bar - Kodaline

Year of Production: 2018