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Krishnanda is a spiritual, psychedelic Brazilian masterpiece from start to finish. It was produced by Hélcio Milito, the drummer of Tamba Trio, and arranged by conductor Joppa Lins. Musically, the album touches folk, samba, afro-brazilian and psychedelia plus added effects, with a lyrical depth and diversity to match; themes including morality, perception, existence and ego.

Track Listing:
1. Ritual Negro - Pedro Santos
2. Agua Viva - Pedro Santos
3. Um Só - Pedro Santos
4. Sem Sombra - Pedro Santos
5. Savana - Pedro Santos
6. Advertencia - Pedro Santos
7. Quem Sou Eu? - Pedro Santos
8. Flor De Lotus - Pedro Santos
9. Dentro Da Selva - Pedro Santos
10. Desengano Da Vistadual - Pedro Santos
11. Arabindu - Pedro Santos

Year of Production: 1968