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Childish Prodigy' is the complete album that KV's been keeping hidden up his plaid sleeve. He gives us nine absolutely realised cuts (most by hometown master- engineer Jeff Zeigler) with an appropriate level of fidelity that, in a just world, would find the same warm welcome on FM radio that he's received this year from those with their ears to the underground.

Track Listing:
1. Hunchback - Kurt Vile
2. Dead Alive - Kurt Vile
3. Overnite Religion - Kurt Vile
4. Freak Train - Kurt Vile
5. Blackberry Song - Kurt Vile
6. The Monkey - Kurt Vile
7. Heart Attack - Kurt Vile
8. Amplifier - Kurt Vile
9. Inside Lookin' Out - Kurt Vile
10. He's All Right - Kurt Vile
11. Goodbye Freaks - Kurt Vile

Year of Production:2009