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Arriving four years after the iconoclast thrilled the world with the cosmic pop of his debut album 'Inji', 'GENE' is named after a brand new modular drum machine that Sam dreamt up and built alone. Working in isolation for more than two years, soldering iron in hand, Sam designed 'GENE' using 150 electrical circuits he made up himself.

1. Beginning - LA Priest
2. Rubber Sky - LA Priest
3. What Moves - LA Priest
4. Peace Lily - LA Priest
5. Open My Eyes - LA Priest
6. Sudden Thing - LA Priest
7. Monochrome - LA Priest
8. What Do You See - LA Priest
9. Kissing of the Weeds - LA Priest
10. Black Smoke - LA Priest
11. Ain't No Love Affair - LA Priest

Year of Production:2020