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It is the simple thing that is so hard to do. This is the paradox that musician Lael Neale has lived within throughout her development as an artist. It is the reason she became enthralled with poetry. Poems are a distillation. Lael says, 'this challenge to winnow away what is unessential is the most maddening and, ultimately, rewarding part of writing a song'. Lael's 2021 album 'Acquainted with Night' is a testament to this poetic devotion. Stripped of any extraneous word or sound, the songs are lit by Lael's crystalline voice which lays on a lush bed of omnichord. The collection touches on themes that have been thread into her work for years: isolation, mortality, yearning, and reaching ever toward the transcendent experience.

Track Listing:
1. Blue Vein - Lael Neale
2. Every Star Shivers in the Dark - Lael Neale
3. Acquainted With Night - Lael Neale
4. White Wings - Lael Neale
5. How Far Is It to the Grave - Lael Neale
6. For No One for Now - Lael Neale
7. Sliding Doors & Warm Summer Roses - Lael Neale
8. Third Floor Window - Lael Neale
9. Let Me Live By the Side of the Road - Lael Neale
10. Some Sunny Day - Lael Neale

Year of Production: 2021