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Lankum are a Dublin four-piece who combine distinctive four-part vocal harmonies with arrangements of uilleann pipes, concertina, accordion, fiddle and guitar. Their repertoire spans humorous Dublin music-hall ditties and street-songs, classic ballads from the traveller tradition, traditional Irish and American dance tunes, and their own original material.

Track Listing:
1. What Will We Do When We Have No Money? - Lankum
2. Sergeant William Bailey - Lankum
3. Peat Bog Soldiers - Lankum
4. The Townie Polka - Lankum
5. Bad Luck to the Rolling Water - Lankum
6. Déanta in Éireann - Lankum
7. The Granite Gaze - Lankum
8. The Turkish Reveille - Lankum
9. Willow Garden - Lankum

Year of Production: 2017