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gg bb xx' accepts that big things in life are always made of small things, and couldn't exist without them. 'There have been times in the past,' Paul recalls, 'when I've walked into a writing session with a micro-moment idea for a song and the producer's said: 'I don't think there's enough meat there, maybe it could be a line in another song?' This time round it was an exciting challenge and a fun endeavour to take what might be considered inconsequential, and to make it magical'. Having established themselves on the world stage through music that's never been less than meticulously-crafted, LANY are now choosing to complement songs about micro-moments with a new type of spontaneity.

Track Listing:
1. Get Away - LANY
2. Up to Me - LANY
3. Never Mind, Let's Break Up - LANY
4. Dna - LANY
5. Roll Over, Baby - LANY
6. Live It Down - LANY
7. Dancing in the Kitchen - LANY
8. Ex I Never Had - LANY
9. Somewhere - LANY
10. Care Less - LANY
11. 'Til I Don't - LANY
12. One Minute Left to Live - LANY

Year of Production: 2021