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Go Find The Moon: The Audition Tape' by singer-songwriter Laura Nyro features her earliest songs in their most stripped-back and raw form. Among the songs included is 'And When I Die' which Nyro never released but was a US no.2 hit for 'Blood, Sweat & Tears' in 1969.

Track Listing:
1. And When I Die - Laura Nyro
2. Lazy Susan (False Start) - Laura Nyro
3. Enough of You - Laura Nyro
4. In and Out - Laura Nyro
5. Go Find the Moon - Laura Nyro
6. Luckie/Studio Talk - Laura Nyro
7. When Sunny Gets Blue (Fragment)/Kansas City (Fragment)/I Only Want to Be With You (Fragment) - Laura Nyro
8. Lazy Susan - Laura Nyro