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Les Plus Grands Success De Chic: Chic's Greatest Hits' is a greatest hits album by the American R&B band Chic, originally released on Atlantic Records in late 1979. It includes the biggest hits from their first three albums: 'Chic' (1977), 'C'est Chic' (1978) and 'Risque' (1979). The seven-track album, which omits the 1979 hit single 'My Forbidden Lover' and replaces it with 'Chic Cheer' and also combines three 7-inch edits and one extended 12-inch mix with three album versions, was the only compilation to be released during the band's six years on Atlantic.

Track Listing:
1. Le Freak - Chic (3.3)
2. I Want Your Love - Chic (3.28)
3. Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah) - Chic (3.4)
4. Everybody Dance - Chic (8.25)
5. Chic Cheer - Chic (4.42)
6. Good Times - Chic (8.13)
7. My Feet Keep Dancing - Chic (6.46)

Year of Production: 1979