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Leslie West has been in command of one of the biggest, boldest electric guitar tones known to man or beast from 1969's Woodstock festival, which introduced his group Mountain to the pages of music history, through his riveting 2011 album 'Unusual Suspects'. And his voice is even more recognisable; a powerful mix of honey and gravel that falls somewhere between Otis Redding and King Kong. At age 65, West stands entirely undiminished on 'Unusual Suspects', a proud mix of boogie blues, rockers and ballads that puts his song writing skills at the forefront, in tunes like the hard rocking 'Mississippi Queen', flashback 'Mud Flap Momma' and the sweet, soulful love song 'My Gravity'.

Track Listing:
1. One More Drink for the Road - Leslie West
2. Mud Flap Momma - Leslie West
3. To the Moon - Leslie West
4. Standing On Higher Ground - Leslie West
5. Third Degree - Leslie West
6. Legend - Leslie West
7. Nothin's Changed - Leslie West
8. I Feel Fine - Leslie West
9. Love You Forever - Leslie West
10. My Gravity - Leslie West
11. The Party's Over - Leslie West
12. I Don't Know (The Beetlejuice Song) - Leslie West

Year of Production: 2011