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I'm so very excited to be celebrating the 11th anniversary of my debut album, 'Catching A Tiger'! To mark the occasion, I am releasing a special edition including 5 songs that didn't make the original 'Catching A Tiger' track listing, new artwork and behind the scenes photos. It was a true pleasure to sort through old journals & hard drives, digging up treasured moments and memories. 'Catching A Tiger' is the album that first connected me to you, my listeners for whom I'm so grateful! I sincerely hope that you enjoy this anniversary edition as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I hope it transports you back to the summer of 2010 & washes you aglow in sweet reminiscence!' - Lissie

Track Listing:
1. Record Collector - Lissie
2. When I'm Alone - Lissie
3. In Sleep - Lissie
4. Bully - Lissie
5. Little Lovin' - Lissie
6. Stranger - Lissie
7. Loosen the Knot - Lissie
8. Cuckoo - Lissie
9. Everywhere I Go - Lissie
10. Worried About - Lissie
11. Look Away - Lissie
12. Oh Mississippi - Lissie
13. Just Because I Can (Bonus Track) - Lissie
14. Don't Know What I'm Doing Anymore (Bonus Track) - Lissie
15. A Bird Could Love a Fish (Bonus Track) - Lissie
16. It's Not Me (Bonus Track) - Lissie
17. This Much I Know (Bonus Track) - Lissie

Year of Production: 2010