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Sixth studio album by the pioneering Swedish four-piece. For a band who are proudly left-of-centre and fiercely protective of doing things on their own terms, they have achieved no shortage of mainstream recognition. Entirely self-produced and recorded at their long-term home-built studio in Gothenburg, 'New Me, Same Us' represents another chapter in the continuing evolution of Little Dragon, finding new direction in their unique style of unhurried, off-kilter R&B, pop and electronics.

Track Listing:
1. Hold On - Little Dragon
2. Rush - Little Dragon
3. Another Lover - Little Dragon
4. Kids - Little Dragon
5. Every Rain - Little Dragon
6. New Fiction - Little Dragon
7. Sadness - Little Dragon
8. Are You Feeling Sad? - Little Dragon
9. Where You Belong - Little Dragon
10. Stay Right Here - Little Dragon
11. Water - Little Dragon

Year of Production: 2020