Loathe are an English experimental metal band from Liverpool. The group incorporates elements of metalcore, prog metal and nu metal in their sound, to produce a very experimental flavour. Their intense, visceral multi-media live show extravaganza has marked them out as a band who have ambitions far beyond that of their peers and now, with the release of their second full length album, 'I Let It In and It Took Everything', those ambitions are beginning to be realised.

Track Listing:
1. Theme - Loathe
2. Aggressive Evolution - Loathe
3. Broken Vision Rhythm - Loathe
4. Two-way Mirror - Loathe
5. 451 Days - Loathe
6. New Faces in the Dark - Loathe
7. Red Room - Loathe
8. Screaming - Loathe
9. Is It Really You? - Loathe
10. Gored - Loathe
11. Heavy Is the Head That Falls With the Weight of a Thousand Thoughts - Loathe
12. A Sad Cartoon - Loathe
13. A Sad Cartoon (Reprise) - Loathe
14. I Let It in and It Took Everything... - Loathe

Year of Production: 2020