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Lola Kirke stands out like a flash of neon magenta in this nostalgic landscape of Americana tin-types. While many of her singing, songwriting peers look further back for inspiration, Kirke's sweet spot is decidedly in the excess of the '80s. Anyone only familiar with Kirke through her on-screen performances ('Mistress America', 'Gone Girl', or 'Mozart in the Jungle') may be surprised by just how dazzling Lola-playing-Lola can be. Just a few lines into 'Better Than Any Drug', it's clear no written role could reveal more of Kirke's wit, lust for life, and sense of humour than this record captures with the help of producer Austin Jenkins (White Denim, Leon Bridges). The 10-song, full-length album showcases Kirke's unselfconscious, country-twinged vocals alongside a brightly coloured candy shop of glam-twang guitar riffs, department store TV commercial synth stylings, and swooping, lilting, unabashedly feminine background vocals. 'Lady for Sale' channels a high-spirited insouciance that feels invigorating and familiar, decidedly more easy-going and fun-loving than what we've come to expect from its genre (and the world in general) in recent years. This is a party you'll want to attend.

Track Listing:
1. Broken Families - Lola Kirke
2. If I Win, I Win - Lola Kirke
3. Better Than Any Drug - Lola Kirke
4. Lady for Sale - Lola Kirke
5. Pink Sky - Lola Kirke
6. Stay Drunk - Lola Kirke
7. The Crime - Lola Kirke
8. Fall in Love Again - Lola Kirke
9. No Secrets - Lola Kirke
10. By Your Side - Lola Kirke

Year of Production: 2022