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First new studio album in eight years from funk legend, Maceo Parker. 'Soul Food - Cooking with Maceo'blends raw, old school funk with the flavours of the New Orleans school of music. The funky flavour of the city weaves its way through the album as Maceo and the band take on iconic songs of the Mississippi masters such as Dr. John, The Meters and Allen Toussaint as well as takes on Aretha Franklin, Prince and Maceo's long-time hero and Ray Charles saxophonist, David 'Fathead' Newman.

Track Listing:
1. Cross the Track - Maceo Parker
2. Just Kissed My Baby - Maceo Parker
3. Yes We Can Can - Maceo Parker
4. M a C E O - Maceo Parker
5. Hard Times - Maceo Parker
6. Rock Steady - Maceo Parker
7. Compared to What - Maceo Parker
8. Right Place Wrong Time - Maceo Parker
9. Other Side of the Pillow - Maceo Parker
10. Grazing in the Grass - Maceo Parker

Year of Production: 2020