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Remastered by Bob Weston, 'Mountains' comes back to us as a gold foil-embossed gatefold double LP and includes the previously unreleased original takes of 'Return to Pirates', 'Poison Moon' and 'Killed By the Telephone', which were delivered along with the original master tapes 20 years ago but were omitted from the final album. The record is completed by a newly-recorded orchestral version of 'Valley of One Thousand Perfumes' produced by composer Joe Wong (Russian Doll, Midnight Gospel) and mixed by Dave Fridmann.

Track Listing:
1. Dungeon Dance - Mary Timony
2. Poison Moon - Mary Timony
3. I Fire Myself - Mary Timony
4. The Bell - Mary Timony
5. Painted Horses - Mary Timony
6. The Hour Glass - Mary Timony
7. 13 Bees - Mary Timony
8. The Golden Fruit - Mary Timony
9. Whisper from the Tree - Mary Timony
10. 1542 - Mary Timony
1. Valley of One Thousand Perfumes - Mary Timony
2. Tiger Rising - Mary Timony
3. An-Deluzion - Mary Timony
4. The Fox and Hound - Mary Timony
5. Rider On the Stormy Sea - Mary Timony
6. Return to Pirates (Kingston St Session) - Mary Timony
7. Poison Moon (Kingston St Session) - Mary Timony
8. Killed By the Telephone (Kingston St Session) - Mary Timony
9. Valley of One Thousand Perfumes (Orchestral Version) - Mary Timony

Year of Production: 2000