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Florida-based death metal legends Massacre are back in 2021. Featuring the very same creatures that appeared on the 'Chamber of Ages' (1986) demo, as well as some of death metal's most prolific and malignant songwriters, new album 'Resurgence' is the perfect soundtrack to the gruesome plague era in which we all reside. The power of 'Resurgence' is in its truths. Going back to the trio of demos - 'Aggressive Tyrant', 'Official Livetape', 'Chamber of Ages' (all three 1986) - Massacre's noxious mists have and continue to spread maliciously, causing terror in all who encounter them. The six-piece have retained the nasty nebullic strength and aggression they invoked all those years ago on cult classic debut 'From Beyond' (1991), but multiplied it for 'Resurgence'. Tracks like 'Eldritch Prophecy', 'Innsmouth Strain', 'Book of the Dead', and 'Return of the Corpse Grinder' demonstrate Massacre's commitment to its legacy, allegiance to the almighty metal of death, but the necessary need to move forward and onward. That Lee and Borders flanked themselves by veteran death metallers from across the globe is no accident.

Track Listing:
1. Eldritch Prophecy - Massacre
2. Ruins of R'lyeh - Massacre
3. The Innsmouth Strain - Massacre
4. Whisperer in Darkness - Massacre
5. Book of the Dead - Massacre
6. Into the Far-off Void - Massacre
7. Servants of Discord - Massacre
8. Fate of the Elder Gods - Massacre
9. Spawn of Succubus - Massacre
10. Return of the Corpse Grinder - Massacre

Year of Production: 2021