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12 tracks of quintessentially British Hard Rock 'N' Roll and a live energy that is impossible not to get swept up in; mainly thanks to singer Baz Mills' mesmerising, animated and infectious showmanship and the bands' musical muscle. Massive Wagons have forged a formidable live reputation after relentlessly touring the UK with hundreds of gigs a year. Now they are selling out shows up and down the country with a fast-growing cult following amongst rock fans in the UK with their brand of honest, witty and fiery British Rock. 'House of Noise' is produced by Colin Richardson (Slipknot, Those Damn Crows, Machine Head) and is the follow up record to 2018's 'Full Nelson' which gate-crashed the UK Albums Chart at #16.

Track Listing:
1. In It Together - Massive Wagons
2. Bangin' in Your Stereo - Massive Wagons
3. House of Noise - Massive Wagons
4. Freak City - Massive Wagons
5. Hero - Massive Wagons
6. Professional Creep - Massive Wagons
7. Pressure - Massive Wagons
8. The Curry Song - Massive Wagons
9. Glorious - Massive Wagons
10. Sad, Sad Song - Massive Wagons
11. Hallescrewya - Massive Wagons
12. Matter of Time - Massive Wagons

Year of Production: 2020