Cultivated by time spent together on the road touring the first two albums, it is this newfound sense of intimacy between Mattiel's members that enabled the writing of 'Georgia Gothic' not as two separate musicians, but rather as one creative entity. The album remained within the four walls of Brown and Swilley's private world for much of its evolution - with recording taking place in a simple studio set up by the pair in the borrowed room of a dialysis centre, Swilley in the producer's seat - until, nearing completion, it was transferred into the trusted hands of the Grammy-award-winning John Congleton (whose extensive list of credits includes artists as diverse as Angel Olsen, Earl Sweatshirt, Erykah Badu and Sleater Kinney) for mixing.

Track Listing:
1. Jeff Goldblum - Mattiel
2. On the Run - Mattiel
3. Lighthouse - Mattiel
4. Wheels Fall Off - Mattiel
5. Subterranean Shut in Blues - Mattiel
6. Blood in the Yolk - Mattiel
7. Cultural Criminal - Mattiel
8. You Can Have It All - Mattiel
9. Other Plans - Mattiel
10. Boomerang - Mattiel
11. How It Ends - Mattiel

Year of Production: 2022