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Brooklyn, NYC based Melanie Charles' debut album 'Y'all Don't (Really) Care About Black Women' is a love letter to the unheralded labor of black women. The album contains 'Reimagined' works by Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Abbey Lincoln, and Dinah Washington, and others. In her own words, 'When I was approached to work on this remix project pre-pandemic, there was no criteria as to which songs to remix. I was invited to research the Verve catalogue and see what songs spoke to me. As I explored the records I went down a journey remembering the classic tunes and voices that made me fall in love with what we call Jazz. By the time I was ready to start recording the album, Covid had shut down our collective rhythm, Breonna Taylor was killed at the hands of the police and I was rudely reminded that black women are and always have been undervalued, uncared for, unprotected and neglected. I decided to focus on songs written and or sung by the Black women who paved the way for me.'

Track Listing:
1. God Bless the Child - Melanie Charles
2. All Africa (The Beat) - Melanie Charles
3. The Music Is the Magic - Melanie Charles
4. Perdido (Reimagined By Melanie Charles) - Melanie Charles
5. Pray Black Women Interlude - Melanie Charles
6. Woman of the Ghetto (Reimagined By Melanie Charles) - Melanie Charles
7. Jazz (Ain't Nothing But Soul) [reimagined By Melanie Charlies] - Melanie Charles
8. Detour Ahead (Reimagined By Melanie Charles) - Melanie Charles
9. Go Away Little Boy - Melanie Charles
10. Beginning to See the Light (Reimagined By Melanie Charles) - Melanie Charles
11. What a Difference (Reimagined By Melanie Charles) - Melanie Charles

Year of Production: 2021