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Kill ‘Em All is the debut album by now legendary thrash heroes Metallica, marking their triumphant conquest of the thrash metal scene. The sound of Kill 'Em All is Metallica at their rawest: heavy riffs are played at killer speed, never once slowing down to let the listener catch their breath. While the original title was intended to be Metal Up Your Ass, the band managers refused, to which Cliff Burton (Metallica’s bassist) said:​ “Kill 'em all.” The album produced the classic thrash metal song

Track Listing:
A1 Hit The Lights
A2 The Four Horsemen
A3 Motorbreath
A4 Jump In The Fire
A5 (Anesthesia)-Pulling Teeth
A6 Whiplash
B1 Phantom Lord
B2 No Remorse
B3 Seek & Destroy
B4 Metal Militia

Year of Production: 1983