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Here it is, rumoured no more: the demo Bootsy Collins and his band recorded for James Brown in 1969 that won them the title 'The J.B.'s' - and changed the course of popular music. Also included is the complete version of 'When You Feel It, Grunt If You Can', presenting two never-issued songs in a 22-minute medley, and the unreleased instrumental, 'The Wedge'. The companion piece to Now-Again's first-ever issue of the lost J.B.'s album.

Track Listing:
1. More Mess On My Thing - The J.B.'s (5.25)
2. The Wedge - The J.B.'s (8.19)
3. When You Can Feel It Grunt If You Can - The J.B.'s (22.35)

Year of Production: 1969