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Debut solo studio album by the English singer and former Smiths frontman. Originally released six months after the final album by The Smiths, 'Strangeways, Here We Come', it features the singles 'Suedehead' and 'Everyday Is Like Sunday'.

Track Listing:
1. Alsatian Cousin - Morrissey
2. Little Man, What Now? - Morrissey
3. Everyday Is Like Sunday - Morrissey
4. Bengali in Platforms - Morrissey
5. Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together - Morrissey
6. Late Night, Maudlin Street - Morrissey
7. Suedehead - Morrissey
8. Break Up the Family - Morrissey
9. Treat Me Like a Human Being - Morrissey
10. I Don't Mind If You Forget Me - Morrissey
11. Dial-a-cliche - Morrissey
12. Margaret On the Guillotine - Morrissey

Year of Production: 1988