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With this album Neck Deep wanted to continue carving out their own unique space within rock, punk, and alternative music. They have no delusions of saving rock or being the biggest rock band out there. They just want to remain Neck Deep and be an even bigger, better Neck Deep than before. They understand their roots are in pop punk, but want to expand on their sound in their own way, taking inspiration from artists like The Beatles and Nirvana who did things their own way and still were able to be massive.

1. Sonderland - Neck Deep
2. Fall - Neck Deep
3. Lowlife - Neck Deep
4. Telling Stories - Neck Deep
5. When You Know - Neck Deep
6. Quarry - Neck Deep
7. Sick Joke - Neck Deep
8. What Took You So Long - Neck Deep
9. Empty House - Neck Deep
10. Little Dove - Neck Deep
11. I Revolve (Around You) - Neck Deep
12. Pushing Daisies - Neck Deep

Year of Production:2020