The album is the last US show of Young's 1971 solo tour. The original bootleg artwork has also been replicated wherever possible, lending each release that treasured collector's vibe and conjuring the era they were first created in. The album is from the original analog masters.

Track Listing:
1. On the Way Home - Neil Young
2. Tell Me Why - Neil Young
3. Old Man - Neil Young
4. Journey Through the Past - Neil Young
5. Cowgirl in the Sand - Neil Young
6. Heart of Gold - Neil Young
7. A Man Needs a Maid - Neil Young
8. Sugar Mountain - Neil Young
9. Don't Let It Bring You Down - Neil Young
10. Love in Mind - Neil Young
11. The Needle and the Damage Done - Neil Young
12. Ohio - Neil Young
13. See the Sky About to Rain - Neil Young
14. I Am a Child - Neil Young
15. Dance Dance Dance - Neil Young

Year of Production: 1971