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Studio album by the Canadian/American singer-songwriter, recorded in 1976 but not released until 2017. Young intended to release the album shortly after it was recorded, but executives at Reprise felt that it 'wasn't a real record, but a collection of demos', with the musician saying that he 'was advised to record the songs with a band'. Eight of the ten songs found on 'Hitchhiker' were released on various Neil Young studio albums over the next three decades, though mostly as versions from different live or studio recordings.

1. Pocahontas - Neil Young
2. Powderfinger - Neil Young
3. Captain Kennedy - Neil Young
4. Hawaii - Neil Young
5. Give Me Strength - Neil Young
6. Ride My Llama - Neil Young
7. Hitchhiker - Neil Young
8. Campaigner - Neil Young
9. Human Highway - Neil Young
10. The Old Country Waltz - Neil Young

Year of Production:2017