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Fifth studio album by the Canadian/American singer-songwriter. Recorded after (but released before) 'Tonight's the Night', 'On the Beach' shares some of that album's bleakness and crude production, which came as a shock to fans and critics alike, as this was the long-awaited studio follow-up to the commercially and critically successful 'Harvest', but also included hints pointing towards a more subtle outlook, particularly on the opener, 'Walk On'.

1. Walk On - Neil Young (2.42)
2. See the Sky About to Rain - Neil Young (5.02)
3. Revolution Blues - Neil Young (4.03)
4. For the Turnstiles - Neil Young (3.15)
5. Vampire Blues - Neil Young (4.14)
6. On the Beach - Neil Young (6.59)
7. Motion Pictures - Neil Young (4.23)
8. Ambulance Blues - Neil Young (8.56)

Year of Production:1974