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New Model Army - one of the most influential bands in late 20th Century British rock music - have never been bound by musical genres. Formed in 1980, the band from Bradford were initially influenced by punk rock and Northern Soul, but over time drew from folk, metal, R&B, hip-hop and classical music to make something totally unique and unclassifiable. 'Carnival' was originally released in September 2005, 25 years into New Model Army's career, and it had been their first studio album in more than five years. The band found all the original recordings and gave them to Lee Smith, co-producer and mixer of their recent albums, including 2019's 'From Here' (their highest charting album ever, in both Germany and the UK) and 'Carnival' has been reborn with a sound that is far sharper and more powerful and cohesive than the original.

Track Listing:
1. Water - New Model Army
2. BD 3 - New Model Army
3. Rumour & Rapture - New Model Army
4. Red Earth - New Model Army
5. LS43 - New Model Army
6. Island - New Model Army
7. Carlisle Road - New Model Army
8. One Bullet - New Model Army
9. Bluebeat - New Model Army
10. Too Close to the Sun - New Model Army
11. Another Imperial Day - New Model Army
12. Prayer Flags - New Model Army
13. Stoned, Fired, Full of Grace - New Model Army
14. Caslen (Christmas) - New Model Army
15. Fireworks Night - New Model Army

Year of Production: 2005