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Recorded live on 9th November 2018 (their only UK show of 2018), 'education entertainment recreation' is a live album from London's Alexandra Palace. Sonically spectacular, spanning 2 hours 20 minutes, the show joyously mixed New Order classics, their latest acclaimed album 'Music Complete' and Joy Division's finest. Opening with 'Singularity' from 'Music Complete', they eased back in time to 1993's 'Regret', to 'Love Vigilantes' from 1985's 'Low-Life' to 'Ultraviolence from 1983 debut 'Power, Corruption and Lies'. Later, their power over the dance floor was proven by sublime performances in the manner of the celebrated extended 12 inch remixes they are synonymous with - on 'True Faith', 'Blue Monday' and 'Temptation' before a four song Joy Division mini set to end.

Track Listing:
1. Introduction - New Order
2. Singularity - New Order
3. Regret - New Order
4. Love Vigilantes - New Order
5. Ultraviolence - New Order
6. Disorder - New Order
7. Crystal - New Order
8. Academic - New Order
9. Your Silent Face - New Order
1. Subculture - New Order
2. BLT - New Order
3. Vanishing Point - New Order
4. Waiting for the Sirens Call - New Order
5. Plastic - New Order
6. Perfect Kiss - New Order
1. True Faith - New Order
2. Blue Monday - New Order
3. Temptation - New Order
4. Atmosphere - New Order
5. Decades - New Order
6. Love Will Tear Us Apart - New Order

Year of Production: 2018