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A cry out against the withering void of listless Americana, 'Okay, Crawdad', is the fledgling full-length album from Nick Shoulders and company. A two-step laden dose of indignation, loss and profound elation, the album is inspired as much by the chaos and decadence of south Louisiana as it is the rural sounds of yesteryear from which it sprang. Despite a pandemic-inspired relocation to his home in the Natural State, New Orleans and its community helped meld the forces at play on the album; pitting an adherence to tradition and refusal to conform against each other with grand results. Embracing the mania of the podunk zeitgeist while seeking to enfranchise the meek, Nick Shoulders is here to stay.

Track Listing:
1. Rather Low - Nick Shoulders
2. Hanks Checkout Line - Nick Shoulders
3. Too Old to Dream - Nick Shoulders
4. Miss'ippi - Nick Shoulders
5. Honey Let's Stay In - Nick Shoulders
6. G 4 Jesus - Nick Shoulders
7. Ding Dong Daddy - Nick Shoulders
8. Ira - Nick Shoulders
9. Hardly Feelings - Nick Shoulders
10. Bound and Determined - Nick Shoulders
11. Surf De Mardi Gras - Nick Shoulders
12. The World Needs Sissies Too - Nick Shoulders

Year of Production: 2019