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Originally released in May 1981, 'Nightclubbing' is the fifth studio album by the Jamaican singer. Produced by Alex Sadkin, Chris Blackwell, and a team of session musicians rooted by rhythm section Sly & Robbie, the album marker her second foray into a new wave style that blends a variety of genres, including; reggae, art pop, dub, synth-pop and funk. Features the singles 'Demolition Man', 'I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)', 'Pull Up to the Bumper', 'Use Me', 'Feel Up' and 'Walking in the Rain'.

Track Listing:
1. Walking in the Rain - Grace Jones (4.19)
2. Pull Up to the Bumper - Grace Jones (4.42)
3. Use Me - Grace Jones (5.05)
4. Nightclubbing - Grace Jones (5.05)
5. Art Groupie - Grace Jones (2.39)
6. I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango) - Grace Jones (4.29)
7. Feel Up - Grace Jones (4.01)
8. Demolition Man - Grace Jones (4.03)
9. I've Done It Again - Grace Jones (3.5)

Year of Production: 1981