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Oscar and the Wolf's 2021 album 'The Shimmer' distils the essence of singer Max Colombie's sound and vision in it's title and the image of Colombie on the album cover, bathed in starry light. The album is a benchmark of his transformation on record; whereas Entity was recorded in a barn, 'very lo-fi with no access to gear,' he recalls, The Shimmer's bold, rich and layered dynamics were captured at ICP Studios in Brussels, home to, 'one of the best live rooms in Europe, with all this vintage gear'. More intimate moments were added at Colombie's house outside the city, 'those magic takes we made just after we'd written something, which are so hard to capture again'. Colombie adds, 'To me, 'The Shimmer' feels like the soundtrack to a blockbuster, with many types of tracks and themes. It's always changing'.

Track Listing:
1. James - Oscar and the Wolf
2. Ghost of You - Oscar and the Wolf
3. Crystalline - Oscar and the Wolf
4. Your Choice - Oscar and the Wolf
5. Ocean City - Oscar and the Wolf
6. Transfixions - Oscar and the Wolf
7. Nostalgic Bitch - Oscar and the Wolf
8. Livestream - Oscar and the Wolf
9. Oliver - Oscar and the Wolf
10. The P.I.C. - Oscar and the Wolf
11. The Shimmer - Oscar and the Wolf

Year of Production: 2021