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Second studio album by the acid house duo. A mix of freaky vocal tracks and hard-as-nails instrumentals, 'PL' carries on where the duo's debut album left off. Josh Caffe provides sweat-soaked emotion like a true House original; Mutado Pintado & Alan Vega bring the weirdness; Simon Topping & Bubbles Bubblesynski deadpan their way through strobe lit acid tracks; while the rest of the album is made up of the kind of instrumentals that only Paranoid London would have the balls to put out.

Track Listing:
1. Starting Fights (Feat. Josh Caffe) - Paranoid London
2. The Boombox Affair (Feat. Bubbles Bubblesynski) - Paranoid London
3. Nobody Watching (Feat. Mutado Pintado) - Paranoid London
4. The Music - Paranoid London
5. Angel of Hell (Feat. Alan Vega & Arthur Baker) - Paranoid London
6. Drum Machine - Paranoid London
7. Blue-ish - Paranoid London
8. Cult Hero (Do You Wanna Touch Me) [feat. Simon Topping] - Paranoid London
9. Sly Is Watching - Paranoid London
10. (Vi-vi) Vicious Games [feat. Josh Caffe] - Paranoid London

Year of Production: 2019