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Moonlight Love Affair' is a love relationship in which there are no boundaries - the moon colours the world in a different light and makes us see and feel things with different eyes. So in a perfect digital world it is inevitable to let the organic flow in, to look at the other side and to unite. This is exactly what Parov Stelar does to perfection with this album. He takes the digital and organic worlds, combines them into one massive masterpiece and is not willing to compromise, because in compromise both sides always lose. Parov Stelar completes another phase of his artistic development with the album 'Moonlight Love Affair'. Radical honesty, openness to himself and his environment pave this path.

Track Listing:
1. Fire - Parov Stelar
2. Candy Girl (Feat. Vallemarie) - Parov Stelar
3. Golden Dawn - Parov Stelar
4. Better Believe (Feat. Mani Hoffman) - Parov Stelar
5. Black Bird (Feat. Mani Hoffman) - Parov Stelar
6. Dirty Mariposa - Parov Stelar
7. AKH Odessa - Parov Stelar
8. Venom - Parov Stelar
9. Toy Boy - Parov Stelar
10. Toxic Lover - Parov Stelar
11. Lights Off (Feat. Anduze) - Parov Stelar
12. Above the Ground (Feat. AVEC) - Parov Stelar
13. Candy Girl (Late Night Mix) - Parov Stelar

Year of Production: 2022