From This Place' is one of the records I have been waiting to make my whole life', Metheny says. 'It is a kind of musical culmination, reflecting a wide range of expressions that have interested me over the years, scaled across a large canvas, presented in a way that offers the kind of opportunities for communication that can only be earned with a group of musicians who have spent hundreds of nights together on the bandstand'. The record features ten compositions by Metheny, who is joined by his long-time drummer, Antonio Sanchez, Malaysian/Australian bassist Linda May Han and British pianist Gwilym Simcock as well as the Hollywood Studio Symphony conducted by Joel McNeely.

Track Listing:
1. America Undefined - Pat Metheny 
2. Wide and Far - Pat Metheny 
3. You Are - Pat Metheny 
4. Same River - Pat Metheny 
5. Pathmaker - Pat Metheny 
1. The Past in Us - Pat Metheny 
2. Everything Explained - Pat Metheny
3. From This Place - Pat Metheny
4. Sixty-six - Pat Metheny 
5. Love May Take Awhile (Bonus Track) - Pat Metheny

Year of Production: 2020