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Originally released in February 1995, 'To Bring You My Love' was produced by Flood and John Parish. Featuring singles such as 'Down By the Water', 'C'mon Billy' and 'Send His Love to Me, 'To Bring You My Love' originally reached #12 in the UK Albums Chart on release and dominated album of the year polls from The New York Times to the Guardian, with nominations for Grammy Awards and The Mercury Music Prize.

Track Listing:
1. To Bring You My Love - PJ Harvey
2. Meet Ze Monsta - PJ Harvey
3. Working for the Man - PJ Harvey
4. C'mon Billy - PJ Harvey
5. Teclo - PJ Harvey
6. Long Snake Moan - PJ Harvey
7. Down By the Water - PJ Harvey
8. I Think I'm a Mother - PJ Harvey
9. Send His Love to Me - PJ Harvey
10. The Dancer - PJ Harvey

Year of Production: 1995