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The 'Feel Good' EP is the follow up to Paul Armand-Delille and Alexandre Grynszpan's wildly successful 2017 debut album 'Caravelle'. Summoning the promise of summer with pitch-perfect French Touch instincts, the EP fizzes with the uncomplicated spirit of playfulness with which it was pieced together. The title track is Polo & Pan's self-confessed 'Celebration of optimism', blowing in on a warm breeze of insouciance and lazy handclaps. A rare segue into English lyrics - alongside EP closer 'Peter Pan' (following the near entirely Francophone 'Caravelle') - the single is informed by a love for the sounds coming out of America's West Coast in the '70s, losing none of their Gallic charm in the process.

Track Listing:
1. Feel Good - Polo & Pan
2. Attrape-rêve - Polo & Pan
3. Pili Pili - Polo & Pan
4. Peter Pan - Polo & Pan

Year of Production: 2020