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REM’s career arc serves as a neat reminder to record labels ready to drop low-selling bands. Out Of Time was the Athens, Georgia band’s seventh studio album and the one that launched them into the stratosphere.

It took two colossal hits in ''Shiny Happy People'' and ''Losing My Religion'' to boot the enigmatic foursome from the US college rock ghetto into the blinding light of pop superstardom, but the rest of the LP is also a rewarding listen.

Track Listing:
Time Side

A1 Radio Song
A2 Losing My Religion
A3 Low
A4 Near Wild Heaven
A5 Endgame

Memory Side

B1 Shiny Happy People
B2 Belong
B3 Half A World Away
B4 Texarkana
B5 Country Feedback
B6 Me In Honey

Year of Production: 1991