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Rhys Lewis recorded 'Things I Chose to Remember' on analogue tape, a rare and expensive process that's barely been used since the early '80s. This process comes with both limitations and joys, for instance, it's common to have over 100 individual tracks in a contemporary pop song. Yet with his 24-track tape machine Lewis limited himself to just two-dozen. 'Everything had to earn its place,' he says. 'We worked the songs and the productions much harder, and I think we questioned things much more because of it.'

Track Listing:
1. Better Than Today - Rhys Lewis
2. No Right to Love You - Rhys Lewis
3. When Was the Last Time? - Rhys Lewis
4. Under the Sun - Rhys Lewis
5. What If - Rhys Lewis
6. Lonely Place - Rhys Lewis
7. Good People - Rhys Lewis
8. Some Days - Rhys Lewis
9. Be Your Man - Rhys Lewis
10. Hold On to Happiness - Rhys Lewis
11. What Wild Things Were - Rhys Lewis

Year of Production: 2020