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The album is themed around the future of mankind on this planet, inspired by a cassette I found in a second hand store in LA, which contained a previously unknown speech from marine biologist Jacques Yves Cousteau', explains Koch. 'On this tape Cousteau speaks about the next billion years and how our actions today determine the survival of our species. This inspired me to write a whole album based on the idea of the far distant future'.

Track Listing:
1. Manipura - Robot Koch
2. Liquid - Robot Koch
3. All Forms Are Unstable - Robot Koch
4. Stars As Eyes - Robot Koch
5. Nebula - Robot Koch
6. Dragonfly - Robot Koch
7. Hawk - Robot Koch
8. Glow - Robot Koch
9. Post String Theory - Robot Koch
10. Cousteau - Robot Koch
11. Particle Dance - Robot Koch
12. Kassel - Robot Koch

Year of Production: 2020