If you approach 'Petestrumentals' as a song-oriented pop album, you may feel disappointed. Only two tracks ('Cake' and 'Nothin' Lesser - Jamie's Mix') feature MCs. If you approach the album as a radical work of sonic architecture, you may also feel disappointed, since Rock's relatively old-school sensibility isn't likely to make you hear music in a completely new way. But if you approach 'PeteStrumentals' on its own terms - as a laid-back collection of atmospheric beats ideal for late-night chilling or freestyling over - then you may enjoy Pete Rock's soulful funk-jazz grooves, which are first rate for this type of recording.

Track Listing:
1. A Little Soul - Pete Rock
2. Play Dis Only at Night - Pete Rock
3. Something Funky - Pete Rock
4. For the People - Pete Rock
5. Hip Hopcrisy - Pete Rock
6. Smooth Sailing - Pete Rock
7. Pete's Jazz - Pete Rock
1. The Boss - Pete Rock
2. Get Involved - Pete Rock
3. Give It to Y'all - Pete Rock
4. Walk On By - Pete Rock
5. Cake - Pete Rock
6. What You Waiting For - Pete Rock
7. Nothin' Lesser - Jamie's Mix - Pete Rock

Year of Production: 2001