Outsider' is Taylor's first album of new material since 2013's 'Fun On Earth'. With much of the album being recorded during the lockdown, it finds Taylor in a reflective mood. Across the record, he conveys a palpable sense of seclusion, concerns over the passing of time, and tellingly, dedicates it 'to all the outsiders, those who feel left on the sidelines. A highly personal project, the instrumentation is almost entirely performed by Taylor, with his largely restrained vocals matching the album's contemplative ambiance. But Taylor does cut loose along the way with a foray into some hard-riffing blues-rock as well as an adrenalin-charged BIG surprise retread of a classic 1965 novelty song. Available now on

Track Listing:
1. Tides - Roger Taylor
2. I Know, I Know, I Know - Roger Taylor
3. More Kicks - Roger Taylor
4. Absolutely Anything - Roger Taylor
5. Gangsters Are Running the World - Roger Taylor
6. We're All Just Trying to Get By (Feat. KT Tunstall) - Roger Taylor
7. Gangsters Are Running This Worl (Purple Version) - Roger Taylor
8. Isolation - Roger Taylor
9. The Clapping Song - Roger Taylor
10. Outsider - Roger Taylor
11. Foreign Sand (English Mix) - Roger Taylor
12. Journey's End - Roger Taylor

Year of Production: 2021