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Tchamantché', meaning 'point of equilibrium' in Bambara, is the fourth album of Mali singer Rokia Traoré. Released in 2008, and dedicated to her fellow countryman Ali Farka Touré, one of the African continent's most internationally renowned musicians, the album is a turning point in the singer's career after she has spent a large part of it revisiting the Malian musical tradition. 'Tchamantché' reveals a unique sound in which electric Gretsch guitar riffs come to mingle with the ancestral sounds of Malian instruments, offering a new setting to her crystalline voice. If Traoré favors minimalist and emotional acoustic ballads, she clearly assumes her blues and even rock influences, signing an intimate and voluptuous album of artistic maturity.

Track Listing:
1. Dounia - Rokia Traoré 
2. Dianfa - Rokia Traoré 
3. Zen - Rokia Traoré 
4. Aimer - Rokia Traoré 
5. Kounandi - Rokia Traoré 
6. Koronoko - Rokia Traoré 
1. Tounka - Rokia Traoré 
2. Tchamantche - Rokia Traoré 
3. The Man I Love - Rokia Traoré 
4. A Ou Ni Sou - Rokia Traoré

Year of Production: 2008