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Posthumous album release by the Irish blues rock musician. 'Notes from San Francisco' is a studio album that Gallagher recorded in San Francisco in December 1977 but never released. Rather than producing it himself, he worked with Elliot Mazer. At the last minute - causing great distress to his manager and brother Dónal and to his record company - Gallagher decided to just pull the record.

1. Rue the Day - Rory Gallagher
2. Persuasion - Rory Gallagher
3. B Girl - Rory Gallagher
4. Mississippi Sheiks - Rory Gallagher
5. Wheels Within Wheels - Rory Gallagher
6. Overnight Bag - Rory Gallagher
7. Cruise On Out - Rory Gallagher
8. Brute Force & Ignorance - Rory Gallagher
9. Fuel to the Fire - Rory Gallagher

Year of Production:2011